Team News

Bastian Schweinsteiger should return, for Sami Khedira, having missed the 4-0 win over Portugal.

Mats Hummels suffered a thigh problem in that game with Shkodran Mustafi ready to replace him if required.

For Ghana, Majeed Waris should be available for selection, but Asamoah Gyan is likely to lead the attack once more.

Michael Essien may also come into the starting XI at the expense of Mohammed Rabiu after recovering from a toe injury.

Match Notes

Germany started the World Cup with a 4-0 win, just as they did four years ago.

But in South Africa they lost their second game, against Serbia, before beating Ghana in game three.

Little suggests they will suffer in game two this time, though the latest clash between the Boateng half-brothers, will offer an interesting side-show.

Stat of the game: Referee Sandro Ricci was the first official at a World Cup to award a goal using goalline technology, giving France’s Karim Benzema a goal against Honduras.

Germany (Possible, 4-3-3): Neuer; Boateng, Mertesacker, Mustafi, Höwedes; Kroos, Lahm, Schweinsteiger; Özil, Müller, Götze.
Test: Hummels (thigh).

Ghana (Possible, 4-2-3-1): Dauda; Opare, Mensah, Boye, Asamoah; Essien, Muntari; Atsu, Boateng, Ayew; Gyan.

Referee: Sandro Ricci (Brazil)

Prediction: Germany 3 Ghana 1

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The martingale betting system is the most well known betting system of them all. This is probably because the basic premise behind the martingale system is simple: double your bet every time you lose until you win again. The idea that backs the martingale system is that you eventually have to win a bet and will be back to slightly above even when you do.

The martingale system is most often used for even money bets such as red/black in roulette or pass line bets in craps. If a player loses an even money bet, the martingale system tells that player to double the next bet in order to make up for the previous loss. If that second bet loses as well, then the player is told to double once again. It is hoped that eventually the player will win a bet and then be back to slightly ahead.

This example shows what the martingale betting system looks like in practice. Let’s assume you are starting out with a $1.00 bet at the roulette table of some random online casino.

  • You wager $1.00 and lose the wager.
  • Your next bet is for $2.00 and you lose.
  • Your next bet is for $4.00 and you lose.
  • Your next bet is for $8.00 and you lose.
  • Your next bet is for $16.00 and you win!

After using the martingale system for this progression of wagers, you are up by $1.00. This looks like a good system at first glance, but there are a couple of problems.

Martingale Betting System Debunked

The fundamental problem with the martingale betting system is that it does nothing to change the odds of any casino game. No matter how you size your bets, casino games have a built-in house advantage that you simply cannot beat. Over the long run, the martingale system has been mathematically proven to yield the same house edge that is calculated for casino games.

The second problem with the martingale system is that it assumes you have an infinite bankroll to continue doubling your bets indefinitely. Losing several bets in a row is much more common than most people realize. The doubling effect quickly catches up to even the largest of bankrolls. And even if you do have an unlimited bankroll, you will quickly run into the table’s betting limits.

You can also look to the rule of common sense for additional evidence against the martingale betting system. If the martingale betting system actually worked, you would expect to see people using it to make a lot of money at casinos. Even though most gamblers know all about the martingale system, all the casinos in the world continue to operate as normal. They don’t even try to stop you from using the martingale system.

Does the Martingale System Work?

The martingale system does not work well over the long run. It has been mathematically proven to be ineffective by countless models. Having said that, there are times when the martingale system can appear to work. In the short run, the martingale system usually does yield a small win.

Let me be very clear though: this not me telling you that the martingale system is a good betting system or that it is worthwhile. The frequent small wins that the martingale system yields are overshadowed by the less-frequent but much more disastrous losses that can result from an extended run of losses.

If you know how to stop once you’ve reached your limit, then there is nothing wrong with using the martingale system for fun. Just remember that the martingale system is not a sure-fire method for winning. Bad runs occur more often than people realize, and it can quickly become expensive to continue using the martingale system.

Look at the martingale system as a way to switch things up and test your luck. Over the long run, it is about the same as any other gambling method. But you have to prepare yourself mentally for the inevitable, expensive losing streak. If you are capable of stopping once you have reached your loss limit, then you have my blessing. Just don’t come back here upset if it doesn’t work out how you had hoped.
Ready to try it out?

If you accept the following conditions, you are ready to use the martingale system:

  • The martingale system can lead to disastrous results if pursued too far
  • The martingale system does not give you any advantage over the casino
  • You are willing to quit once you reach your daily loss limit
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There’s no denying that Formula 1 is fast, glamorous, loud and exciting and it gets even more exciting if you have a bet! Whether you like betting on F1 for a bit of fun, are looking to make some serious money by gambling on it or just want to have a little punt to liven things up, we’ve got the full lowdown for you.

On one level the sport is one of the simplest around (cars drive in circles, the first one to finish wins) and on another it is incredibly complex, with sometimes indiscernible rules and regulations, lots of arcane language and no end of acronyms. However, thankfully for us, betting on it falls very much into the former category, with no great need to master the mechanical intricacies of the sport (let’s leave that to the race engineers).

Having said that, with any type of betting knowledge is power and research helps you beat the odds, so the more you know and understand, the better you are likely to do. However, there are many markets a complete novice can bet on with only a very basic grasp of the sport and yet still have maximum enjoyment from their wagers and maintain a decent chance of making a profit.
Main F1 bets

  • Drivers’ World Championship – this is a bet on which driver will win the overall, season-long title by accruing the most points from the races. Betting is also available each way, with ⅓ of the odds for a top two the usual terms.
  • Constructors’ World Championship – similar to above but combines the two cars each team runs so the team, constructor, that gets most points wins and there are no each way options.
  • Race winner – the most popular and easiest bet going, simply which driver will win any given Grand Prix. Each way bets usually pay ¼ of the odds for a top three finish.
  • Podium finish – like backing a place in horse racing, as opposed to backing a driver each way you can back them just to get on the podium (the top three) in any given race.
  • Top six finish – as above, but the top six rather than the top three. You can also back a driver to earn a points finish, which equates to a top 10 finish.
  • Pole position – backing on who will win the qualifying and thus start the race proper at the head of the grid in pole position.
  • Fastest lap – a bet on which driver will set the fastest lap during the race. This is a good bet for a bit of fun as it should keep you interested for most of the race as long as your selection is still on the track.

Pre-Race Bets

Betting on which driver will be on pole position is a pre-race bet, as it is effectively which driver will win the final qualifying session. Prior to the Sunday Grand Prix the cars have the opportunity to have two practice sessions on Friday, one on Saturday morning and then the crucial qualifying session on Saturday afternoon. In another of F1’s abbreviations (thankfully this one is easy to understand) these are called Q1, Q2 and Q3, with the fastest driver in Q3 starting on pole.

Some but not all bookmakers offer bets on these various sessions. The best bookies for these bets are Sky Bet and BetVictor and you can usually bet on the winning driver and car, with each way options sometimes also available. With regulations regarding the amount of fuel cars are permitted to carry making these sessions harder to gauge this is a market probably best left alone unless you are very knowledgeable about the sport, or you’ve got a hotline to one of the team engineers.

Other F1 Bets

There are loads of other markets you can bet on and sometimes these can throw up excellent opportunities to make a profit. Backing a particular driver not to finish a race is an interesting bet and if you have doubts about a car or driver’s reliability and consistency this is the way to cash in. This is quite a weather dependent market, with rain and extreme heat increasing the chances of retirements and crashes, so that is another factor to look out for. For more information on how to make a success of your Formula One betting read our F1 betting tips guide.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, if you have supreme confidence in your pick, you could consider selecting them for the race hat-trick of pole position, race winner and fastest lap, leading to a bumper payout. The bookies are always being inventive thinking of new markets so keep an eye on your favourite bookmaker for bets such as if will there be a safety car deployed in a race, how many drivers will be classified, will both cars (of a constructor) finish the race, whether one particular driver will do better than another or what the nationality of the winner will be.

F1 Betting Rules

Having said that betting on Formula One is very simple there are a few rules worth noting so you don’t get caught out. Most of the time these will not be relevant but it is still worth being aware to avoid disappointment. These will vary from company to company but we have listed the most common rulings.

  • Official result – In the event of a steward’s enquiry or appeal most bookies settle the bet according to the official podium presentation.
  • Driver v driver match betting – both drivers must start the race or bets are void and if neither finish the winner is the driver with most complete laps – if level the bet is void.
  • Safety car – races started by a safety car are not deemed to have had one deployed unless used again in the race.
  • Classifications and times – official FIA results are used.
  • DNS – if a driver is classed as DNS (did not start) most bookmakers will class most bets as void. Check your specific bookmaker and bet to be sure though.
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England will be looking for its first World Cup title in 48 years when it heads to Brazil 2014, where it is listed at 20-1 in World Cup futures wagering.

That puts the English well back of tournament favorites Brazil, Argentina, Germany and Spain but right in the middle of the discussion for fans looking for betting value.

The Three Lions face stiff competition in a tough Group D. They carry odds of 2-1 to win their group but again trail the favorites according to most sportsbooks monitored by Odds Shark, with Italy pegged at 3-2 and Uruguay at 15-8.

In addition, England sits squarely in the middle of the pack in World Cup specials betting on who will be the top European team at this year’s tournament. At 16-1, England trails squads like France, Italy and Netherlands, all of which sport longer odds to win this year’s championship.

While these odds may appear to be cause for concern for English soccer fans, the opportunity for England at this World Cup is huge. If England can capture the top spot in Group D, the team will face the second-place finisher from Group C, which includes three squads—Colombia, Greece and Japan—against whom England has enjoyed success.

In the group stage, England needs to take three points in its match against Costa Rica, 50-1 long shots to win the group, and put points on the table against Uruguay, a squad the English last faced in World Cup competition in 1966.

But the key to finishing atop Group D for England will likely lie in its group-stage match against archrival Italy on June 14. England has won only 8 of 24 matches all-time against Italy, and in its most recent tournament meeting, it was eliminated by Italy on penalties in the quarterfinals at Euro 2012.

England garnered a small degree of revenge, handing Gli Azzurri a 2-1 defeat in a friendly two months later.

The English national side will be led by veterans like Wayne Rooney, who scored seven times in World Cup qualifying and sports odds of 40-1 to be top goalscorer at the tourney. Veteran midfielder and Chelsea’s all-time leading goalscorer Frank Lampard is listed at 125-1.

But room has also been made for the next generation of English footballers, including youngsters like 24-year-old Daniel Sturridge, 20-year-old Ross Barkley and 19-year-old Raheem Sterling.

Sturridge, who scored 21 league goals for Liverpool this season, is 66-1 in props betting to lead all scorers at his first World Cup.

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Manchester United’s players can expect to be better footballers and win titles under Louis van Gaal’s management. This is the message from those who have been in his teams. Beyond a sparkling CV that shows the Dutchman claiming championships at all four previous clubs, plus the Champions League, is a story of how Van Gaal’s tutelage allows talent to flower.

For the martinet manager it can only be his way. Sign up for this and Wayne Rooney and company may discover surprising and previously hidden gifts.

Winston Bogarde played under Van Gaal at Ajax, from 1994-97, and Barcelona, from 1998-2000, winning the Champions League and two Dutch and Spanish titles. “Van Gaal is one of the best coaches, he likes to play football,” Bogarde said. “And he enjoys coaching players, getting the best from players. He likes to play with young players, he likes to play with young talent and developing it.”

The last comment points to how Van Gaal believes younger footballers buy more easily into his methods. As Mehmet Scholl, his former reserve team coach at Bayern Munich when he led them between 2009-11, said: “Some of the players, like Rooney, I don’t think he has to learn anything more. So that will be difficult for him if the coach says: ‘You have to do it in a completely different way. Whatever you did until now, change it.'”

Yet a key component of Van Gaal’s success is his ability to spot what players have missed about themselves, with his genius for harnessing this transforming some careers. At Bayern, Van Gaal converted David Alaba from midfielder to left-back, as he did with Simon Poulsen, when managing AZ Alkmaar from 2005‑09. “He can get an extra five or 10% from players,” Poulsen said. “He made me better. I changed my position under him. I was a left-winger, now I’m a left-back and I made a lot of international games in that position. The first time he told me I thought he was crazy but it turned out to be my best position.”

The Dane suggests Van Gaal’s man-management skills are more subtle than the stern persona suggests. “It doesn’t make a difference to him players who are not in the team,” the 29-year-old said. “For instance with myself, in the beginning I wasn’t playing so much but even if I had an argument with one of the players who play every game he didn’t take their side. He was always honest. When you’re not on the field he will come and ask you: ‘How are you?'”

Bogarde concurs that Van Gaal has no favourites. “He is not scared of the big decision,” the former defender said. “If for a certain match he has to bring in one player and leave out another player, he is able to take the big decisions when needed.”

The United squad should be prepared for demands of total focus and belief from Van Gaal. “He plans a lot and you will know exactly as a player what you should do during a game and your opponent, how he plays,” Bogarde said. “He has his own style but it depends on the players, though he likes to play attacking football.

“He commands respect and has a strong personality and he wants to do it his way, he’s good at making the players do what he wants.”

How do his teams play? “In his mind he likes to play 4-3-3 but he can also play in other formations, he can adapt,” Bogarde said. “He will look at the players that he has and then he will adapt to that. But whatever he has it will always be an attacking play.”

Poulsen said: “As a trainer he is good at looking at what he can do. He always makes sure he has a strong organisation, he wants the team to keep the ball. I think we had almost 60% ball possession.”

Perhaps the most eye-catching success on Van Gaal’s résumé is the title he won for AZ in 2009, which remains the second in their history. Poulsen said: “We maybe didn’t have the best team but he does the best for each player and we had 24 games where we kept a zero, and we were playing good football.”

So, as Bogarde adds, the message for United players is to get on-message and stay on-message with the man known as the Iron Tulip. “As long as you understand what he wants in return, he is a manager who supports his players and has confidence in his players. Every player likes to have success – he’s one of the most successful coaches in the world.

“He is going to be a big asset for the Premier League.”

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Atletico Madrid blew a great chance to clinch the La Liga title in their latch match and now face an uphill battle, needing at least one point at Camp Nou to claim the league crown.

They played to a draw at home facing Malaga and now must earn a point facing Barcelona on the road to win the title.

Barcelona has to feel a little lucky to still be in the league race after a 0-0 draw facing Elche in their last match. However, they are still in it and also the betting favorite at home against Atletico Madrid.

Sportsbooks monitored by Odds Shark had Barca at -120 with Atletico Madrid at +333 and a draw line of +265.

These two teams are no strangers this season having met five times—twice in the Super Cup, twice in Champions League play and once in league play. Barca claimed the Super Cup while Atletico ousted Barca from Champions League play.

Atletico has conceded the fewest goals in La Liga play this season, and in their seven matches since beating Barca 1-0 in Champions League play, they have only given up two goals.

Can Barca play their game at home? That is the big question. They have won the time-of-possession battle in the five matches facing Atletico this season, but only have two goals and no wins to show for it.

Lionel Messi, Pedro and Alexis Sanchez have been bottled up by the Atletico defense, and at home there will be a lot of pressure on them to provide some offensive spark.

Neymar is the only Barca player who has scored against Atletico this season, though he is nursing an injury. The club released a statement saying he has resumed “recovery work” without making it clear if he will return to the pitch this weekend.

Key defender Gerard Pique has also resumed training after an injury, and if he can play for Barca and their solid defense, which has conceded the second fewest goals in league play this season, it will be a big boost.

Like Barca, Atletico has a big injury concern with scoring leader Diego Costa dealing with a hamstring problem. According’s Ben Hayward, Costa “looks set to return in time” for Saturday’s matchup.

Costa has scored 27 goals this season, with David Villa and Raul Garcia chiming in to combine for 22. While these guys are key on the attack for the away squad, the counter-attack may be Atletico’s main chance to get on the scoreboard.

You can be sure that Atletico will pack the defense, as that has worked for them facing Barca this season, and a draw would net them the league title.

Last season at Camp Nou, Barcelona crushed Atletico Madrid 4-1 in league play.

Prediction: 3-1 Barcelona

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Predicted line-ups:

Norwich: Ruddy; Martin, R Bennett, Turner, Whittaker; Tettey; Snodgrass, Johnson, Howson, Olsson; Hooper.

Anthony Pilkington, Joseph Yobo and David Fox are all ruled out for Sunday, while a dispute with Jonas Gutierrez has been dealt with internally after the Argentine spoke out against the manager via social media.

Arsenal: Szczesny; Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs; Arteta, Flamini; Podolski, Özil, Wilshere; Sanogo.

Jack Wilshere and Keiran Gibbs are expected to be included to the Gunners squad, having recovered from a fractured foot and hamstring injuries respectively. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Theo Walcott and Serge Gnabry remain sidelined.

Norwich host the Gunners in a game which has very few implications on the Premier League standings.

Following Sunderland’s victory over West Brom last Wednesday, the Canaries are effectively relegated before the opening whistle – even if they should do the improbable and beat Arsenal – due to an inferior goal difference vis-a-vis West Brom.

Norwcih need an improbable 19-goal swing on the final day of the season to complete, what would surely be, the greatest of great escapes, ever.

Arsene Wenger can meanwhile use the visit at Carrow Road as preparation for the FA Cup final against Hull next Saturday.

The Gunners will try to finish a moderately disappointing campaign on a good note, and the the North Londoners will be boosted by the return of Wilshere and Gibbs, as both return from a prolonged absence from the squad due to injuries.

Prediction: Norwich 1 – Arsenal 3

Some essential facts to help with online betting:

Norwich have won just one of their six Premier League home games against Arsenal, but that was during the last season. (W1 D3 L2).

Mesut Ӧzil registered his first Premier League goal in the reverse fixture at the Emirates this season, scoring twice in that game.

The Gunners managed 11 shots on target against Norwich at the Emirates, their highest tally in a single Premier League game this season.

Norwich have lost 20 games this season; more than they have in any previous Premier League campaign.

Regardless of the result in this match, this will Arsenal’s highest points tally in the last six Premier League seasons (currently 76).

Norwich City have scored the highest proportion of goals from outside the box in the Premier League this season (32%).

Norwich have scored just 28 goals this season in the Premier League – only three lower figures have been recorded in a full Premier League campaign (Derby 20 in 07-08, Sunderland 21 in 02-03 & Sunderland 26 in 05-06).

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Two of the teams whose primary task is surviving in the Premier League – Hull and Norwich will play against each other in a match of the 22nd round of the English Premier League on Saturday at 15.00. Hull is on the tenth place in the current standings, but they are only five points above the relegation zone. Exactly eleven are the teams, which are involved in the battle for the survival. The situation is really tense as those teams are gathered into only six points which makes the fight for survival really cruel.

As always in the match against direct competitors a winning of three points for a team means a direct loss of three points to the other, which makes such a match more important than the others with teams from the top half of the table.

Often such matches are decided by a single mistake or by a single shot. In these matches whoever has better nerves wins. We will see which one of the two teams will be calmer and more concentrated and will take the win.

Hull’s players are impressive lately as in their last five matches at home they managed to score ten goals. Another important indicator that the team is going in the right direction is the number of goal attempts they create. Their average number in all home matches so far is 15, which is one of the best results in the league, not only among the teams from the bottom half of the table.

On the other hand, Norwich don’t play particularly well away from home, as they lost 7 matches so far. The canaries have also two wins and two draws as a guest. However, the team was able to score in half of their matches as a guest, which is in any case not a bad result at all.

The bookies give a slight advantage to the home team in the match, as they offer odds of 2.2 (bet365), 2.25 (bet-at-home) and 2.3 (William Hill) for their victory. Norwich’s chances for winning are rated around 3 and those of a possible draw as the final result of this match around 3.2.

When I consider all the information available about this match, I suggest everyone should stay away from betting here. The match between Hull and Norwich is a triple match, which is too dangerous to bet with money or at least you could find much better matches to bet on than this one.

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The types of bets offered by bet-at-home to their customers are four. They are the so-called Single bet, Combo bet, System bet and Multiway bet.

The Single bet is the most common type of bets when it comes to sporting events. This is because it offers the best chance of winning. With this bet, the punter suggests that one event will finish in a certain way. In this bet, the player wins if the event ends as expected and loses if it does not. There are also cases where bet-at-home refunds the losing bet with another free bet, but those cases are specifically described in the section for bonuses and promotions.

The Combo bet offered by bet-at-home may be described as several single bets multiplied with each other. This bet allows you to make more profits with less money invested, thanks to the multiplying of the odds for every event included in the Combo bet. However, it is important to note, that even if one of the events in the bet is not a winner than the entire Combo bet is declared as a loser from bet-at-home.

The next type of bets offered by bet-at-home is the so called System bet. These bets are more specific than the others. They are also, just like the Combo bets – a sum of several Single bets multiplied with each other, but with an additional feature. They are arranged in a specific order so they allow gaining profit even when one or more of the events in the bet are losers. The arrangement of the events is defined in various systems, each of which with its own characteristics and features. More information about all the different systems you can find on bet-at-home’s site.

The last bet that bet-at-home offers to its customers is the so-called Multiway bet. In this type of bets several different bets on the same event are allowed. Thus reducing the chances in which the bet will be a loser, but this affects the potential profit which is getting lower.

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As one of the world’s best bookmakers William Hill does everything possible to offer to its customers the best betting options on all sports. This is proven once again with the proposals of the bookmaker for live betting on snooker matches. In every major snooker match William Hill offers 30 different In-play bets.

Everyone who is interested in snooker and wants to bet on a match can do it at any time and to bet for the winner of the match or a frame and also on the exact result of the match. The latter is particularly interesting as with the match progressing the possible outcomes decrease, making this an opportunity to bet live quite profitable.

Of course, from William Hill offer options to bet on the winner of the match with a predetermined handicap to one of the two players.

More specific snooker bets are also found in William Hill’s slips. The bookie proposes bets such as which one of the two players will pot the first red ball in the frame and also what will be the color of the first colored ball potted in the frame. William Hill offers also a bet on whether the total number of points scored by both players will be over or under 100 and whether in the frame will be scored a Century break.

Except all this betting options in the site of William Hill you can find individual bets for each player that cover the total number of frames won by the player and the total number of points scored by the player.

Another proposal from William Hill is which of the two players will reach first a certain number of frames and what will be the result of the match after playing a certain number of frames.

As a final extra for their customers, who have chosen William Hill In-play betting options, a video streaming of some of the tournaments is available, while for the rest is provided a radio coverage.

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